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Insta Transfer’s advanced platform enables any user to do number of different financial and utility transactions on the go. Anyone can start business with negligible investment and start earning from day one. Insta Transfer now has more than 5000+ retailers who are leveraging its unique technology and earning up to 40K To 50K every month.

3 Steps to Become Insta Transfer Retailer

Download Insta Transfer Android Application

Signup & Fill Your Personal and Business Details

Upload KYC Documents

Who can become Insta Transfer Retailer?

Anyone who knows how to operate an android phone can become a Insta Transfer Retailer and start his own business.

Investment required to become Insta Transfer Retailer?

This unique business opportunity is in Afordable Price. Yes, you can start this business at Less investment

Why Choose Us?

Insta Transfer offers its retailers numerous advantages over its competitors. Join today and fulfill your dreams of becoming a business owner.

Hign Performance

High speed servers for optimum performance.

Fully Secured

Extremely secured servers to ensure full safety.

Trusted Portal

Very Old Portal With Many

Latest Technology

Built on advanced technology for fast transactions.


Dedicated team to solve any issue in no time.

Digital Banker

Multiple banking services under one roof.

One Wallet

Multiple services under one common wallet.

Real Time Income

Get commission as soon as the transaction is done.
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An Insta distributor is someone who appoints retailers. Our Insta distributorship program offers you with modern technology to work and to expand your existing network to the next level.
Our services include additional facilities like AEPS integration and DMT activation. The whole business interface is effective and user friendly.

What makes us different?

Lowest Investment
Higher commission rates of (5%-10%) (20-25k) with approximately income of 20K to 25K.
No Stock Needed
Multi variety Store with various categories of products.
Prompt Response and Support
Authorized with multiple services and brands
Complete detailed training
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Master Distributor

An Insta master distributor is a special distributor whose main motive is to manage the business of the Insta Store. A master distributor distributes services to the other distributors to maximize effectiveness and Productivity.
Our Insta master distributor services allows us to appoint unlimited distributors and retailers. We will guide and instruct you to develop your existing network with the latest innovative technology with best commission schemes.
With our services you can expand your reach from and a Distributor to master Distributor. You can appoint multiple distributors all across the country and make a well-planned business expansion model.

Why to choose us?

We allow you to create unlimited retailers and Distributors network
Personalized commission plans and schemes.
All our services include prompt AEPS activation
Faster activation with MIS System
You will be getting a legal authorization certificate.
The real-time report generation facility
Manage business statistics
Highly innovative guide and support for digital marketing and business expansion
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White Label

The White Label Distributor is one of the premium services of our Insta Store. It offers the White label distributor to hold the rights to rebrand a product and sell them under their own brand name.
Here in our white label distributor platform, you will get the authority to appoint unlimited Master Distributors, Distributors, and Retailers under your brand. You will be getting a mobile customized mobile application for your own brand.

Here are some best features we offer to our clients:

The best platform to create your own brand and network.
Network-based customized on commission plans and options.
A fully optimized mobile application to handle all services and facilities.
Updated technology with unlimited creation of Master Distributors, Distributors, and Retailers.
Integrated AEPS activation
Legal certification of Authorization
Faster activation with MIS System
Realtime report management facility
Strict monitoring of business Statistics
All-time guidance for marketing and distribution

Download Insta Transfer application from Google play-store

Signup and create your account. In 48 hours you can start your own business and increase your income
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