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Axis Account Opening

Axis Bank provides its customers with the option of choosing from a wide range of Savings Accounts with different features and benefits. The Savings Accounts are designed to meet the banking needs of people from all walks of life.
Each Savings Account offers unique features such as high transaction limit, free cheque books, etc. The offers and discounts range from discounted movie tickets, Axis EDGE rewards to emergency travel allowances and a lot more. Apply for savings account to enjoy all these features, offers and discounts. You can find a detailed description of the various Axis Bank Savings Accounts below.

NSDL Account Opening

In order to avail of depository facilities, an investor has to open a beneficiary account with a depository participant of his choice. This is similar to opening a bank account to use the banking services.
Just as one can hold funds in a bank account and transfer funds across accounts without actually handling cash; one can hold securities in a depository account and transfer securities across depository accounts without actually handling share certificates.
The account holder is called 'beneficial owner' in a depository system and the account is known as 'beneficiary account'. More information on the process of account opening and documents required is available at https://nsdl.co.in/faqs/faq.php
Any investor who wish to open a demat account, needs to approach a Depository Participant (DP) of his / her choice. Click here (https://nsdl.co.in/dpsch.php) to view the list of DPs associated with NSDL who may help you to open a demat account.

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